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See what other people are saying about our Sunfield Lakes apartments! At Sunfield Lakes, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Peg Kondos
| 3/28/2024
One of the many advantages to living in Sunfield Lakes is their Community Manager, Billy Gorecki. I have lived in a number of apts and have never dealt with a more pleasant, caring and responsive manager. He listens and works to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. He is friendly and approachable which can make all the difference in any issue. Thanks Billy for being a great asset to living here.
Makaila Unverzagt
| 3/11/2024
Super nice people in the office and maintenance people are great!PS love my renovated kitchen
Andrea Shaw
| 3/6/2024
Sunfield Lakes is the best apartments that Ive ever lived at. Ive been here for almost 3 years now and planning on moving into a bigger place here there are just the most sweetest people ever in the nicest people Ive ever met and will do anything to make sure that theyre tendons are well well taken care of Im so excited to branch out and move Bigger place within the same apartment complex I do highly recommend For a good place to live
Debra Pawlaczyk
| 2/15/2024
First apartment living in 30 years and its great here! The grounds are kept clean and green and beautiful. Maintenance is addressed immediately and their small crew is wonderful! Office staff are the best!!! I have been here for almost 2 years and will sign up again for another. I really love it here.
Ghost RiderThePatternIsFull
| 1/4/2024
Due to the nature odlf the light fixture, I was unable to change the bulb myself. Ryan was extremely quick and efficient in replacing the track lighting bulb.
Paula Greenwood
| 12/13/2023
If your looking for a great apartment in Sherwood oregon this is it!! Beautiful open floor plans big windows. Close to shopping and parks. Updated units are key. Enjoy your fist apartment complex and the pool AWESOME!!! SHERWOOD
Manuel Corona
| 12/12/2023
Great place to live. Everyone was really friendly and noise was non existent. Great starter apartment, I do have to say maybe more upgrades in the apartments but other than that everything was nice.
Paula Greenwood
| 11/11/2023
Beautiful neighborhood Many years living here and love it!! Hello one can walk to Target sign me up!! Great team!!
| 10/1/2023
We love out Maintenance Guys!!
Jason Roderick
| 9/8/2023
Ryan in maintenance is fantastic, always nice, professional and keeps things clean while he does repairs to the unit. Portfolio Manager in multi-family here for over 15 years, I know a good maintenance tech when I see one.
Aspen Vortex
| 9/4/2023
Excellent experience. Repair within a day is amazing.
Aspen Vortex
| 9/4/2023
Maintenance is excellent. Always quick and effective.
| 8/20/2023
Problem solved on time and quickly, Excellent maintenance team, thank you
| 8/20/2023
Maintenance request taken care of promptly and efficiently.
Angela Jackson
| 8/18/2023
The management team is very friendly and professional. I discovered the day I moved in that I needed a couple things fixed by maintenance and they were there that day to fix the items....very quick response time.
Scott Millard
| 8/18/2023
The maintenance crew got it done
Kid Dynamite
| 6/3/2023
Excellent maintenance service! Response was speedy and helpful! Thank you Ryan!
Paula Greenwood
| 5/14/2023
Amazing Homes!! Perfect location!! Sherwood Very nice pool and close to shopping and parks. Lots to do in our little town SHERWOOD!! Beautiful open floor plans big windows so you can get fresh air and hear the little birds sooo cute!! WELCOME HOME
Paula Greenwood
| 5/14/2023
Amazing Homes!! Perfect location!! Sherwood
Marti Shapland
| 4/2/2023
I love this place. I love my apartment! Billy and Morgan are so wonderful and helpful. Id give an extra 10 stars
L Hardman
| 3/24/2023
We had two things for maintenance yesterday. They came in did my work order and went on with their day. They always do a wonderful job.
L Hardman
| 3/24/2023
They did a wonderful job fixing my garage disposal.
angela norling
| 3/15/2023
Melissa Winter
| 2/15/2023
My daughter and I just moved in, and we LOVE it here! Billy is incredible, and made the entire process seamless. Our new space is so bright and open, and the energy here is wonderful. I adore Sherwood and the walkability of our neighborhood. So excited to begin our next chapter at Sunfield Lakes!
| 1/16/2023
The office and maintenance staff here have always been very responsive, friendly and great to work with. Ive never had to wait for more than a day or two to get minor issues solved and for any issue even remotely big there is a response that same day. Things are corrected professionally and in a timely manner. Great job by all involved, makes it really comforting to live here.

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